Monday, 19 February 2018

How To Download Snapchat++ For iOS 11 Without jailbreak

Snapchat++ For IOS Without Jailbreak: We are back with another app++ and today we are talking about Snapchat++ app. Well you might have used the original and official Snapchat app which is the same as this one but the app we are talking about today is far better. This app allows its users to save snaps and videos without marking it as seen. Well this app is awesome because we can save snaps and videos without using any external snap saving app.
At the same time this app has all the features of the original app which makes it really easy to use and we can disable the hold gesture as well. I am sure you will feel like using Snapchat++ more because you can save snaps and remove unwanted sections from the app which is great. So let us get right into the process of installing Snapchat++ for IOS without jailbreak.
How To Download Snapchat++ For iOS 11 Without jailbreak

What More Does Snapchat++ Offer? – Snapchat++ Features List 

Well before we get into the download guide I want to take a look at the features list which might help you find more about this new modified version of Snapchat. We already know that this app will resemble the original version in every corner but there are some additional features which we are going to discuss about.  
Snapchat++ iOS Features 2018
  • You can save snaps and stories to your camera roll directly 
  • At the same time you can upload from your camera roll either to upload photo or video as well 
  • You can even remove two sections from the app which are discover and live stories 
  • Another amazing feature is that you get new paint brushes along with size changes and more 
  • Since you can save the snaps you can now disable the hold gesture 

How to Download Snapchat++ For IOS with TweakBox App 

Well if you already know TweakBox app then you might know how it works as well but it doesn’t matter because we will guide you through every step in detail below. In this method we will install Snapchat++ for IOS using TweakBox app directly.
  • The first step is to open your iPhone or iPad device and then go to here
  • After that click on the download button at the middle of the page and install the app completely 
  • So we have installed the TweakBox app now and we have to open it from menu section 
  • Then go to “Tweaked Apps” section from the app homepage as shown in the below picture 
  • After that search for “Snapchat++” app from the search bar and select the latest version from the list Now click on “Install” button in the red color and wait for the app to be installed 
  • Finally we have now installed Snapchat++ for IOS using TweakBox app!

Method 2 – Install Snapchat++ For IOS Using Snapchat++ IPA 

Some people consider that installing apps using IPA is better because we do not have to use third party apps like TweakBox and others. So I thought it would be better to post another method where you can make use of the Snapchat++ IPA file to install this new app.
  • So similar to the first method we have to open the iPhone device and then go to the safari browser 
  • Click here and this link will take you to the Snapchat++ download page
Download Snapchat++ For iOS 11 Using Snapchat++ IPA Online
  • Next scroll down a little bit and you have to click on “Download Snapchat++” button 
  • After clicking that we have to click on next button and then Snapchat++ IPA will popup 
  • We have to click on the save button in order to save the file first and then click on it to start the installation process 
  • After starting the installation you will have the app installed in just few minutes of time!


Well after following this article about the Snapchat++ app you will find how easy it is to download and install this app. I guess you will have no problem installing Snapchat++ for IOS without jailbreak now that you have learned this guide. But if you face any issues while using this app or even while following our guide then post your issue in comments below.

I hope you will have great time chatting and snapping with your friends online with the help of this new app Snapchat++ on your iPhone. Also share this article with your friends so that they will learn about this tweaked version of Snapchat app.